Once the 3 winners have been selected thanks to the jury's verdict, which were announced on June 7, the awards ceremony will be held from 10 a.m. at the Information Point of l'Estany de Sils and will be open to the public.The awards ceremony will be in charge of Eduard Colomé, mayor of Sils, and the organizers of the Photography Contest.


We leave you with all the information regarding this year's Photo Contest:

In view of the success of previous editions and in the spirit of continuing to give visibility to such a unique and special environment, this year we are holding the Photography Competition again in the Estany de Sils and we encourage you to participate!

We want your photographs to be the real protagonists and that through them a connection is established between the unique environment of the Estany and our effort to preserve and conserve this beautiful place.

The contest will be held between May 27 and June 2, both days included.

It is open to the public and you can participate through the Instagram platform by uploading a photograph to your profile with a caption of the image, the #ConcursFotografiaEstanydeSils24 tag and mentioning @estanysils.


Consult the rules of the Contest in the document that you will find attached at the bottom of the page.


Update June 5:

We already have the 10 finalist photographs of the contest! They are as follows:

1. @javierbell with La magia de la luz (1951)
2. @blackrisblanc with Els visitants (438)
3. @gin9523 with Todo se hunde en la niebla (244)
4. @pereolivergarcia with Camí de l'estany (210)
5. @noratoth67 with Otoño (122)
6. @vfr800roja with Un dia de pesca a l'Estany (101)
7. @snarbolok with La remor del vent (98)
8. @jaumemos with Una llúdriga als Estanys (80)
9. @miradasalvatge with Faisà comú (75)
10. @alba_seg98 with Perills amagats (67)


From now on, it is the jury who will choose the 3 winners of the photography contest.

The final verdict will be announced on Friday, June 7 through Instagram and on the l'Estany website.


Update June 7

We can announce the final verdict of the jury to know the 3 winners of the Photo Contest.


Finally, we have:

In the first place, Javier Bellido (@javierbell) with " La magia de la luz",

in second place,  Antoni Torres (@vfr800roja) with " Un día de pesca en l'Estany" y

in third place, Joan Gil (@miradasalvatge) with "Faisà comú".


We thank all the contestants for their participation and congratulate the winners of this edition of the photography contest. The level this year has been very high and the jury has had it easy to choose the first three positions.

On Saturday, June 29 at 10 a.m., the awards and gifts ceremony will take place at the Estany Information Point (PIE). In addition, we will have the 10 finalist photographs exhibited at the PIE so that you can come and see them!

  • June 29, 2024   At 10:00h

    Photography Competition in the Lagoon of Sils